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Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters:

Instant Hot Water systems: Electrical

Instant hot water systems provide hot water at the point of use when needed. These type of systems saves a lot of electricity as they only operate for short amounts of time unlike conventional geysers that run 24 hours per day.

Instant Hot Water system sizes:

Units vary from 3Kw to 8 Kw supplying water flow 2.5 liters to 8 liters per minute. The smaller units can work from a standard plug circuit as they use 15Amps to work but you will need a higher Amp supply for the 5.5Kw and higher units. The larger industrial units require 3phase connections.

Instant Water Heaters can easily be installed under a zink or wash basin.
Pricing starts from as little as R875.

Suppliers of Electrical Instantaneous Hot Water systems:

Hot Water Systems - Cape Town

AEG- Hot Water Systems

Epping 1, Cape Town

Tel: 021 535 4073/74   Fax: 021 535 4233

Bert Rhyner 082 892 1528
Dennis Hurie 082 856 3587
Sharlene February 082 668 2517

E-mail: info@hotwatersystems.co.za

Magic Hot Stream

For more information or orders:
Tel & Fax: 0861 MAGIC HOT (0861 624 424)


Instant Water Heater
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